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titlestringSound effect title
descriptionstringDescription of the sound effect
primary_categorystringThe primary category name of the sound effect
primary_subcategorystring or nullThe primary subcategory of the sound effect
categories[string]The primary categories of the sound effect
subcategories[string]The subcategories of the sound effect if any
durationnumberDuration in seconds
  • mp3 [string]: .mp3 URL. Useful for previewing or when minimizing file size is important, such as for previewing or access on mobile devices.
  • wav [string]: .wav URL. Useful when the highest quality, film-standard audio resolution is required (48kHz/24-bit).
Note: URLs expire. If caching URLs, please reindex nightly at a minimum.


  "id": "1",
  "type": "sound_effects",
  "attributes": {
    "title": "Thunderstorm",
    "description": "Rain falling with thunder.",
    "primary_category": "ambiance",
    "primary_subcategory": "weather",
    "duration": 10,
    "versions": {
      "mp3": "https://soundstripe.example.com/thunderstorm.mp3",
      "wav": "https://soundstripe.example.com/thunderstorm.wav"